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We revolutionize healthcare for the next-gen by monitoring each patient, securing confidential health records, and transmitting vital information across globes.

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E-Learning & Education

E-Learning & Education

Build e-learning and e-training solutions to bring educational coaching and awareness to the digital platform.

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We provide enterprise eCommerce development with customized web design, marketing, and managed technology services to streamline your development, design, marketing, and site maintenance efforts.

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Optimize banking, wealth management, and asset management with the help of technology to solve complex financial and business challenges.

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Hospitality & Travel

Hospitality & Travel

Match your customer’s expectations in the modern age by delivering a personalized landscape and experience with actionable insights through the medium of technology.

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Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation

We deliver customized software for the logistics industry to manage and optimize the inventory and delivery of an organization.

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eCommerce excellence optimized with a digital presence and the capability to drive sales with actionable insights.

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We provided next-gen technology solutions for all sports to digitize and enhance the sporting world.

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Technology Innovation For A Variety Of Industries

Successful Projects With Our Technology Innovation


Organizing An Unorganized Logistic Sector With GSNS

  • time_inventory

    Real-Time Inventory Tracking

    Track your inventory with precision and know where your supplies are.

  • calculation

    Order Calculation & Management

    Calculate order delivery distance, total time, and the cost to optimize your financial resources.

  • backend

    Robust Back-end Functionality

    The back-end administration panel is built with the capability to analyze, report, and manage the data effectively.

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Simplifying Advertising On-The-Go

  • order_management

    Order Management Software

    Order Management software allows admins to process, filter, and view order details to keep an agile working environment.

  • geo_location

    Real-time Geo-Location Software

    Real-time geo-location tracking software helps to track each truck and arrange site-wide filters of each truck to get updates.

  • customer_integration

    Customer Integration Software

    Customer Integration Software is used to add a new customer, classify customers, and fetch customer information.

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Digital Healthcare Portal Optimized

  • media

    Social Media Platform

    A social media platform with a real-time chat allows the users to connect and communicate with each other along with media uploading capabilities to upload media files such as images and videos.

  • admin-panel

    Admin Platform

    An administration platform was built to control the various aspects of the site relating to forum discussions, communication between various parties, and media content.

  • encryption

    HIPPA Encryption

    HIPPA compliant true vault is implemented to ensure utmost security and privacy of patient data and their medical history.

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Web-Based .NET Application For Inventory Excellence

  • listing

    Inventory Listing and Identification

    InventoryrPro identifies inventory listings and segments them as per individual preference.

  • delivery

    Delivery and Tracking Management

    Order tracking and delivery maintained on a daily basis and communicated in real-time.

  • invoice

    Invoice Generation

    Generate invoices on your desktop for every product and listing.

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