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Outsourcing Partners Web Development and Software Case Studies

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Student Watchers

Staffing Agency Attracts More Customers and Qualified Talent with Outsourcing Partners Application Development Solutions

Business Profile

Student Watchers focuses on assisting tour industry companies to better manage their students ensuring their safety, health and well being. We sat down with Ryan Whitfield, Director at Student Watchers, to talk about how his company can automate complete their business processes, as well as saved $30k with outsourcing web application development

Industry: Staffing & Recruiting | Agents: 67
Tenure: 1.5 Years using Outsourcing Partners Services

Business Challenge

  • Complex business model required customized and cost effective solution.
  • The biggest pain was Student Watchers already tried outsourcing services and had very bad experience during development of first phase. The business got damaged in the process and their business was in the expansion phase.
  • "Overall they were looking at reliable outsourcing company who works on good business ethics and provide cost effective solution to their growing business" said Ryan Whitfield.
  • Realizing a solution was needed, Ryan evaluated Outsourcing Partners to help his reservation system and expand the staffing solution to the tour industry companies. Specially, Ryan Whitfield was looking to improve reservation system, CRM, Payroll, agent management and system integration with QuickBooks to improve their business efficiency.
  • Our Solution

  • Technology Consulting, Business Analysis, Application Development, System Integration with QuickBooks.
  • The biggest challenge was starting point and moving fast. The application development we’ve progressed with agile approach. The solution provided to the Student Watchers with short-term and long-term strategy to their management team.
  • The short-term development was fix-up current business issues across the system. Tracking issues at module level with defining business priorities of the task. The short-term strategy helped their business to run business efficiently on day to day interaction with their customers, and agents.
  • The long-term plan developed with business process improvement in the reservation system, CRM, Payroll, and financal accounting system. This has helped the Student Watchers to take care business at enterprise level.
  • "Customer service is great because I love follow-up from a technical team. When we email an issue, which isn’t often, we get a response very quickly. We’ve had only positive experiences with customer support." says Ryan
  • Results

  • Increased business revenues, focusing on business expansion, building relationship with their customers and agents.
  • Outsourcing partners helped Student Watchers to reduce costs of ownership to develop custom enterprise solution to their business. "Since we started using Outsourcing Partners services, our business focus has been changed tremendously" says Ryan.
  • Especially, Student Watchers:
    • Saved between $30k to $40k for the ownership of product development
    • Retained their existing customer base and going for the new customers expansion by providing efficient service using enterprise application
    • Dedicated support team to resolve any technical issue
  • Overall Ryan Whitfield says his company has had great success with Outsourcing Partners.

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