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OSP ensured certainty in delivery. Not only were the deliverables completed on time, it was also first time right, with high quality.

Gary Takacs
President, The CEO University
We are extremely happy with our frank, open, and honest relationship with Outsourcing Partners. Outsourcing Partners' solution and delivery capabilities in the technology business not only improved the time to market and predictability, but reduced the cost of implementation

Candice Sher-Betts

Open Source Content Management System Solutions

open source content management software

What is an Open Source CMS?

CMS is a secure and free approach to the design, development, as well as distribution of software. Content Management System provides businesses with realistic accessibility to the source code for software. There is no proprietary vendor lock-ins or licensing costs. It is used as an alternative that is becoming
more and more popular globally to enhance website content.

Why use Open Source CMS?

As compared to conventional Web Content Management System software, Open Source CMS provides businesses with the following key benefits.

Lower Costs
All businesses are looking to save a few extra dollars both here and there and look for the next best cost-effective option available. There are no upfront or continual licensing costs, which is a big change from Web Content Management System software. Businesses spend less money using Open Source CMS due to the fact that there are thousands of components completely ready to be integrated to any business website at a small portion of the cost associated with deriving
components from scratch. With any business, saving money is vital, Open Source CMS can help with that.

Increased security and transparency
One of the most essential aspects of any business website is security and reliability. Without these, a website is not able to function properly. Due to the fact that Open Source CMS is available directly to the public, 24 hours a day, there are web developers working on new code and reviewing current codes to remove any possible problems either as soon as they appear, or before they have a chance to even appear.

Transparency is also extremely vital. Open Source CMS ensures that their codes are transparent to allow for easy customization for detailed needs. The transparency allows for complete integration with current software infrastructure and systems currently being used, through the utilization of industry standards, including SOAP, LDAP, XML, and others.

Better Support
Problems may occur at some point or another, there may be a software program not functioning, for example, within the computer. Many of the popular CMS programs have a developer and user base that is international, allowing for quick support. If a business is discouraged by the support they receive, they have the ability to move to another company utilizing Content Management System. This decreases overall risk because businesses are no longer completely reliant
on only one CMS vendor.

Our Open Source Web CMS Solutions

It is our belief at Outsourcing Partners that Open Source Web Content Management System technology is vital, and therefore, we offer our complete assistance. We are very confident in the services we provide that are based along the notion of Open Source CMS. We believe it is a great, cost-effective technology that provides businesses with the capability to choose a precise proprietary system, rather than being permanently fastened to one.

Because we believe that businesses should have the ability to work on their content as well, we provide the opportunity for them to update website content independently from us. If it is something a business can do on their own, we do not feel that it is right or necessary to take payment for it. We will supply the tools and the knowhow to businesses to enable them to create updates and anything else they would like.

We do not stop until we have been able to offer our clients website design and development solutions that are not only cost-effective but of high quality standards as well. Our solutions use many of the more popular Content Management System, including Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Joomla CMS Website Design

Many businesses enjoy using Joomla Content Management System website design because of its flexibility and use-friendly qualities. Because of its large libraries full of various different extensions, Joomla is quickly becoming the star CMS website design program available. Because of its increasing popularity, at Outsourcing Partners, we have guaranteed the most experienced and professional Joomla website designers and developers on our staff.

Drupal CMS Website Design

One of the award winning CMS website design systems currently available on a global platform, Drupal, is also offered by our services. This Open Sour CMS website design program provides a platform which supplies membership and community websites with the ability to dive into its expansive library of CMS advanced features and functions.

Wordpress CMS

Wordpress CMS is another award winning website design tool openly used and accessed by many businesses. Aside from being one of the major website design platforms available, it is also the leading blogging platform accessible on a global level. It is considered to be extremely user-friendly, convenient, and allows for enhanced search engine optimization opportunities.

Open Source Content Management Systems

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