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OSP ensured certainty in delivery. Not only were the deliverables completed on time, it was also first time right, with high quality.

Gary Takacs
President, The CEO University
The way Outsourcing Partners works is fantastic. Their people are really devoted to the job they are doing.

Clement Quinones
President, Simpson's Greens & Floral
We are extremely happy with our frank, open, and honest relationship with Outsourcing Partners. Outsourcing Partners' solution and delivery capabilities in the technology business not only improved the time to market and predictability, but reduced the cost of implementation

Candice Sher-Betts

Ecommerce Web Design Solutions

Ecommerce Web design Solutions
What do you get?

Ecommerce Web Design

  • Custom website design developed to your individual business needs
  • No use of common templates, to ensure everything is created from a blank canvas
  • eCommerce web designers will appeal to the style of your business as well as the products that are provided.
  • Your eCommerce website design will be worked on by a team of talented, professional designer
  • Nothing for the website design will be final unless you grant us your final approval
  • The team will be dedicated to bring your website ideas to life
  • Our eCommerce Website Design shopping cart solutions come with everything you need to sell your products online.
Ecommerce Web Site Design

Ecommerce Web Design Components

  • Full Product Management
  • Unlimited products/categories
  • Flexible Shipping methods and rates
  • Tax Inclusive / Exclusive options
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs with product category and name
  • Business websites will be equipped with virtual shopping carts to allow customers to purchase multiple products
  • Product searches will be completed with complete ease, especially through the use of specific category pages
  • The checkout portion of the website will be able to accept credit card payments, and other types of payment forms, including PayPal
  • Set bulk discounts
  • All payments will be executed in a safe and secure way
  • Once an order is placed, individuals, through the website, will be sent a notification via email notifying them of the placed order
  • Individuals will be able to track their order through the website
Technical Support
  • When you use our eCommerce web design services, you are guaranteed unlimited, free technical support.
  • Our technical support office can be contacted through Phone, Instant, Messenger, email, and online portals
Who is it for?
  • Our eCommerce web design service is geared toward small to medium sized businesses
  • These businesses are looking to effectively promote their business through the use of a website
  • We assist businesses looking for effective website solutions for marketing, advertising, and eCommerce purposes.
  • We act as the webmaster for the business
  • We ensure customer satisfaction with the website, including the prevention of any eCommerce problems
  • If a customer has any questions related to the website, they will contact us and we will get right on it
  • We act as the web digital agency which includes social media and online marketing

How does the service work?

The evolution of technology has allowed businesses to expand their horizons. They are no longer reliant on only brick-and-mortar, and catalog sales, but can now utilize the internet to produce a safe and secure online shopping experience. Through the usage of eCommerce web development, the internet can now be used as a machine for marketing, enabling businesses to reach hundreds of thousands of customers through website development, a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO), and different eCommerce tools to elevate traffic and sales. These eCommerce web development tools include searchable inventory, shopping carts, and payment features.

Case Studies

Solution Delivered

Over 300% growth in USA
and a mountain of success for Rosaline

Geographic Region



Custom Web Application Development


Turning a static website into an Ecommerce
Jewelry selling device

Our Customer Saved

$75,000 in savings for our customer

Web Application Development

Solution Delivered

Up to 50% faster time to market for Copper Strawberry For their high end products

Geographic Region



Custom Ecommerce Website Development


The project that can win international
design industry awards recognition!

Our Customer Saved

$50,000 in savings for our customer

Custom Web Application

We Create Beautiful Web, Mobile, and Business Software

Who We Are

We don't just make Web, Mobile, or business software - we solve problems.

At Outsourcing Partners we write intelligently designed software to help businesses develop strategic solutions and launch new ideas.

We take a genuine partner approach in our clients' business and are committed to their success.

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