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Outsourcing Partners Web Development and Software Case Studies

We focus on providing our customers a high return on investment and long-term benefits. The results below are the outcome of our hard work and dedication. You could become one of these case studies.
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The CEO University

University Doubles CEO programs and Grows Business Workshops with Outsourcing Partners Web Development

Business Profile

The CEO University is the Most Effective Chief Executive Organization. The CEO University offers multiple platforms to assist business owners, CEOs and Presidents to achieve their personal and business results.

We sat down with Gary Takacs, President at CEO University, to talk about how his company can enhance their web development presence, as well as saved $10k with outsourcing their web development.

Industry: Education | Employees: 10 - 25
Tenure: 6 months using Outsourcing Partners Web Development Services

Business Challenge

  • CEO University targets their programs at Peer-to-Peer Advisory Boards, Executive Coaching, Executive FastTrack Groups, Virtual Advisory Boards. Our solution to CEO University is going to reach high profiles executives.
  • There are many Outsourcing Companies and how to identify which is best.
  • Our Solution

  • Technology Consulting, Web Development, Senior PHP Developer
  • "Outsourcing Partners ensured certainty in delivery... Not only were the deliverables completed on time, it was also first time right, with high quality." Said Gary Takacs
  • It was very important for us to deliver their web product right on time with high quality.
  • Results

  • Enhanced User Experience, Web Development to their executive programs.
  • Outsourcing partners helped CEO University to reduce costs of ownership to develop custom web development.
  • CEO University benefited with:
    • Saved between $10k to $12k for the ownership of development
    • Build a long-term relationship with Outsourcing Partners which is very much important for both the businesses
    • Dedicated support team to resolve any technical issue
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