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Teslaco Energy Systems

US based Energy Broker Attracts More Consumer and Commercial Businesses with Outsourcing Partners Web Solution

Business Profile

Teslaco Energy Systems is a residential and commercial energy answers company committed to providing commercial and industrial services with up-to-the-minute progressive resolutions to reduce energy expenses for the instant and future life of businesses. Teslaco develop the correct profit improving customized program that will positively impact their customer’s bottom line and enable them to directly impact their environment.


Industry: Energy
Tenure: 8 months using Outsourcing Partners Web Development Services

Business Challenge

  • Energy price concerns grow both short term and long term. That means Teslaco energy solutions pro-actively manage their customers energy supply costs utilizing their full complement of in-house product and services with multiple top tier providers.
  • The contracts to supply commercial energy to businesses as unlike those are offered at home.
  • The contracts have a long term, the rules about changing suppliers and the prices their customers pay are based on commercial deals not on consumer based, and having an established relationship with the supplier is critical.
  • Our Solution

  • Outsourcing Services, Defining Work Flow, Technology Solution
  • Outsourcing Partners worked closely with Teslaco Energy team. The main objective of Teslaco Energy is negotiating on behalf of their customers with the energy suppliers. In simple terms, Teslaco energy looks at their customer’s bills and invites the suppliers to tender for their customer’s business and residential energy.
  • Since Teslaco energy manages the contract, the rates available are almost always significant better then the energy supplier to consumer or commercial businesses.
  • "Outsourcing partners provided robust system to manage Residential and Commercial customers tracking, present contracts, state – city and area wise comparison to select the best pricing availability for them to choose provider. Our business model looks so simple to operate" says owner of Teslaco Energy.
  • Results

  • Teslaco Energy helps their customers by providing best deal when they use energy at their home or businesses. Outsourcing partners provided same model to Teslaco Energy by providing cost effective web development solution to compete in their vertical.
    • Online business infrastructure developed with small budget
    • Using solution provided by Outsourcing partner Teslaco Energy has saved $15k to $20K on technology infrastructure
    • Dedicated Senior PHP Programmer and PHP Developer team at affordable cost
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