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Outsourcing Partners Web Development and Software Case Studies

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Startup Company Decreases Web Development Cost by 60% with Outsourcing Partners

Business Profile

The mission of BizChapter is to connect small business professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful. To achieve this, BizChapter proposed innovative services available through website to small business, their connections, and other professionals meet, exchange ideas, learn, make deals, find opportunities, work, and make decisions in a network of trusted relationships and groups.

Industry: Enterprise Social Business
Tenure: 6 months using Outsourcing Partners Web Application Development Services

Business Challenge

  • The unique concept of BizChapter is to provide a web platform for small business owners and small business executives to communicate and network online as well as off line. Social networks have proven to be good tools to communicate. But the best means of communication is, has been, and will be the FACE to FACE meeting. The concept is very new.
  • BizChapter is a unique and dynamic business website providing in-depth business solutions and superior communications for the diversified entrepreneur, professional and business community. Target audience of our solution will be used by decision makers.
  • Our Solution

  • Planning & Consulting, Social Networking Website Development, Application Development, Ecommerce Design, Advance CMS Development, Social Network Framework & Support
  • Outsourcing Partners workd closely with BizChapter to implement conceptual web development components in the social networking conceptual model.
  • Following features provided to BizChapter team:
    • User Dashboards & Profiles
    • Private Messages
    • Community Discussion Threads
    • Groups
    • Event Calendar
    • Classifieds
    • Search by Keyword, Username or Zip
    • Advanced Email Notifications
    • Advanced Facebook Connect
    • Ad Management
    • Ecommerce design
  • Results

  • Outsourcing partners helped BizChapter to reduce costs of developing Social Network Site Development.
    • Saved between $25k to $30k for the ownership of Social Networking development
    • Dedicated support team to resolve any technical issue
  • Overall Outsourcing Partners and BizChapter have built great business relationship while working together on cost effective solution.
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