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Marine Corps League

Marine Corps League Southeast Division Website Solution towards WEBEASY 8

Business Profile

About Marine Corps League Southeast Division: A few years ago the Southeast Division was approached by the National Commandant and asked to produce a coin that the MCL Foundation could sell to raise funds. Vic Beverson of Louisiana designed the coin and contracted the manufacturer. The Department of South Carolina funded the coin and our customer in the Southeast bought the bulk of them. That process has been in action every year since. The coin drive has been so successful that PNC Helen Hicks dubbed our customer as "The Magnificent Seven"


Industry: Marine Corps League
Solution: Outsource IT Services


  • Marine Corps League existing website provides information with no user friendly capability to manage the website.
  • Tried few options to manage website features but no success.
  • Customer wanted to drive the Web Development Solution based on WEBEASY 8 technology.


  • Marine Corps League online platform is much more robust to integrate with WEBEASY 8 platform.
  • Marine Corps League is now well on its way to achieve their objective of quick turnaround and website management solution.


  • Outsourcing Partners provided highly experienced technical team to give Web solution
  • Well communicated Web Solution showcased to the Marine Corps League.

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