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Outsourcing Partners Web Development and Software Case Studies

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Innovative Startup Company Decreases Web Applications Development Cost by 300% with Outsourcing Partners

Business Profile

The mission of ZillionLinX is to provide a convenient "One Stop Application" for all of your browsing needs. With ZillionLinX you can

  • Store and organize your Bookmarks in one place.
  • Access your Bookmarks from every computer.
  • Search the Internet and get real answers
  • Use the site as a convenient Ops-Center to access other Internet resources, such as Knowledge Bases (Wikipedia), Shops (Amazon, eBay, etc.) and the "Internet essentials" such as YouTube, etc.
Industry: Social Bookmarking
Tenure: 7 Months using Outsourcing Partners Web Application Development Services

Business Challenge

  • Cost Effective Product Development for the Innovative Concept
  • Wanted to work with proven track record Web Application Development Company
  • "We needed to get more cost effective solution and yet work with local company", said Peter Loeb about their conceptual product development challenge prior to hire Outsourcing Partners. He was interested in not only quality solution, but also meeting regularly with Outsourcing Partners IT team.
  • Before hiring Outsourcing Partners, ZillionLinx relied on word-of-mouth for Outsourcing Web Development. Peter’s team didn’t have a strategic outsourcing plan or a way to measure concrete results, which resulted in wasted time on ineffective outsourcing. ZillionLinx had " no specific schedule for time spent on our outsourcing just because it was a little ambiguous."
  • Our Solution

  • Planning & Consulting, Product Development Solution, Technology Research, Support Outsourcing Partners worked closely with Peter Loeb to implement the conceptual product development.
  • Following features solution provided:
    • Store and Organize Bookmarks in one place
    • Import Bookmarks
    • Search Database with customized Ranking Algorithm
    • Drag-n-Drop Bookmarked site
    • Advance Content Management System
    • Google Custom Search
  • Results

  • Outsourcing partners helped Peter Loeb to reduce costs of conceptual product development.
    • Saved between $20k to $25k for the ownership of product development
    • Reduced time spent on launching product concept
    • Dedicated support team to resolve any technical issue
  • Peter has been able to bring tremendous success to his conceptual product development with Outsourcing Partners. "From a technology point of view, to be able to really pinpoint that a solution that we have done has been successful is just wonderful" he said.
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