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East Coast Town Cars

How Small Business Owner in Washington DC Can Now Compete With Big Businesses

Business Profile

East Coast Town Cars: Town car Service Company in Washington DC area. Outsourcing Partners believe in their statement i.e. "It's not about the ride, its the relationship"
Industry: Transportation
Solution: Online Reservation and CRM Solution using Open Source Technology


  • East Coast Town Cars had no Idea about technology Infrastructure to serve their business better and cost effective
  • Due to lack of knowledge our customer was paying high amount to one of the top listed company in the technology business on monthly basis
  • There was no transparency on PHP Development technology and advertisement cost from the vendor to our customer since vendor company was using their in-house Web PHP Development tool to support our customer’s business
  • East Coast Town Cars wanted to generate more sales through online reservation process


  • First of all we’ve reduced their ongoing cost from the previous vendor and shifted that investment on customize solution according to their business need
  • Outsourcing Partners helped East Coast Town Cars to generate more online sales using online reservation and CRM solution
  • Centralize the administration and monitoring of multiple car trips
  • Facilitates a faster response to new and existing customers using online reservation process, enhanced CRM, and Web Support


  • Our approach to customer was trying to get understand their existing infrastructure and we provided robust technology roadmap to their business
  • Pricing comparison with previous spending and our solution
  • Outsourcing Partners provided highly experienced PHP Developers team to automate the online reservation and CRM systems

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