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Havana Mania Restaurant: Drupal Website Solution and Enhanced CRM

Business Profile

Havana Mania is a family own business dedicated to 100% Cuban food.

Industry: Restaurant
Tenure: 12 Months
Solution: Drupal Website Solution


  • Havana Mania existing website provided general information and allows no activity to their online customers.
  • Tried few local companies to enhance their website features but no success.
  • Customer wanted to drive the solution with Drupal Web Development Company.


  • Havana Mania online customers can schedule events through their online platform.
  • Acquire new guests and build loyalty.
  • Havana Mania is now well on its way to achieving corporate objective of quick turnaround and revenue growth with its eCommerce solution.
  • These new capabilities are further distinguishing the company as a leading Cuban food restaurant operator.

  • Outsourcing Partners provided highly experienced Drupal Designers and Drupal Developers to provide business solution
  • Well communicated business prototype showcased to the Havana Mania.
  • Integrating eCommerce solution
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