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Outsourcing Partners Web Development and Software Case Studies

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High End Furniture

Ecommerce Website For High End Furniture Retailer Increases Online Sales by 40 Percent With Outsourcing Partners

Business Profile

Copper Strawberry is the sole importer of Flamant, and carry other fine European and USA made home furnishings and decor that give homes an overall aesthetic found nowhere else in America. They carry Flamant inventory and take import orders. They ship throughout N. America and beyond. They were importing to any port in the U.S.

Industry: Ecommerce | Digital Agency: Veetoo
Tenure: 2.6 Years using Outsourcing Partners Services

Business Challenge

  • This is the project that can win international design industry awards recognition!
  • The Digital Agency Veetoo developed an ambitious plan to create an entirely new e-commerce platform for their customer Copper Strawberry. In response to numerous challenges, they made the decision to build its own technology platform—one that would not only be scalable, flexible and customer-focused, but also reduce current marketing costs.
  • We are working with Digital Agency Veetoo from 2.6 years. Each project delivery we’ve to provide consistency and robust business solution to their customers.
  • Our Solution

  • Planning Technology Consulting, Ecommerce site design, Ecommerce Web Development, Customize shipping solution, Advance CMS Development, SEO
  • Digital Agency Veetoo asked Outsourcing Partners to bring to the table Ecommerce Web Designers, Ecommerce Web Developer and experience from Outsourcing Partners Ecommerce Services to help it solve their customer’s on-line distribution challenge.
  • The Veetoo and Outsourcing Partners team redefined Copper Strawberry’s e-commerce strategy; created a case for the new solution; and developed an implementation road map and overarching project plan. The team also created an e-commerce customized framework to serve the solution’s core eCommerce engine.
  • Online Marketing: Suggested SEO keywords for the new online shop.
  • "A very experienced, responsive, fast, knowledgeable and courteous coding vendor - highly recommended " says Stephen Bradley Creative Director from Veetoo.
  • Results

  • Increased Business Revenues for Veetoo, Focusing on Business Expansion, Building relationship with their customers and act as truly Outsourcing Partner with Digital Agency Veetoo and their customer Copper Strawberry instead of Vendor
    • Increased monthly organic search traffic by 500%
    • Monthly 3,000 visits / 17,200 page views (72% being new visits)
    • Significantly reduced pay-per-click spending
  • Outsourcing partners helped Veetoo to reduce costs of ownership to develop high end custom eCommerce solution to their customer. "Outsourcing Partners delivering beyond more than the request goes and way beyond." says Stephen Bradley.
  • Especially, Veetoo:
    • Saved between $8k to $10k for the ownership of eCommerce development
    • Retained their existing customer base and going for the new customers expansion by providing efficient service using Outsourcing Partner
    • Dedicated support team to resolve any technical issue
  • Overall Stephen Bradley says his company has had great success with Outsourcing Partners from the inception of business relationship.
  • High End Furniture Business Solution

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