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Outsourcing Partners Web Development and Software Case Studies

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To meet building materials companies’ needs, Outsourcing Partners provided a range of outsourcing services that combine web solution, legacy data migration and quality assurance to achieve high performance—today and tomorrow.

Industry: Building Materials | Employees: 50
Solution: Total IT Solution Provided.


The objective from building material company was few distinct goals in mind.

  • Website Redesign
  • Custom built content management system
  • Customized CRM for their business to connect service providers & builders
  • Search Engine Optimization to increase their sales


The redesign complements the building material brand online with stronger calls-to-action and a robust CRM system to serve their customers.

Immediately after re-launch of the website, dramatic improvements were visible

  • Bounce rates on the homepage decreased by 60%
  • Time on Site increased by 125%
  • A full-featured site provides their team to communicate efficiently with service providers & builders
  • The content management system collectively saves the organization many hours per week.


Outsourcing Partners team started the process by fully understanding the client’s needs. We created a specifications document during the website planning phase. 

  • Our design team started with wire-frames & mockups based on the plans
  • Every user process, each page, button graphics, and link needed to thoroughly specified in order for development team to begin
  • Web application team requested many queries by asking the right questions that helped us to do efficient planning of the system
  • The complete web solution provided keeping in mind their administrative tasks, customers and vendors business processes

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